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Welcome to Caroline Shelley Studios. Caroline is an professional artist based in Warwickshire, U.K..


Having spent the last 15 years working as a scenic artist, painting scenery for theatre and tv, I am now adding to my artistic endeavours by creating my own designs and products.

Born out of wanting to make backstage professions more visible during this time, the products are all designed with this in mind. Inspired by all things paint and scenic art, the collections will expand to show other aspects of backstage industry.

As a scenic artist I usually create work on a large scale, following other peoples designs. I wanted to bring smaller original ideas and artwork to useful products that can be used at home or work.

There are very few products available focused for scenic artists that are not tools, but that can be useful at work. 

We aim to create high quality products with original designs done in a fun way. Our products are everyday useable, functional items as well as decorative pieces. Our initial collection designs are drawn digitally, which will expand, with further handpainted collections.  If you love our style, but want pieces more suited to you, lots of our items are customisable to give you the best product possible.

We are always trying to make our products and packaging more environmentally friendly.

Keep a look out for painting prints and more bespoke products being added in future!

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